May 2013 - Mandalar 5.4

December 2012 - Mandalar 5.3.0+

September 2012 - Mandalar 5.2.0+

July 2012 - Mandalar 5.1.0+

May 2012 - Mandalar 5.0.1+

Mandalar is mostly cross-operable with the web-based Flash/Flex PatternBlocks. See PatternBlocks Changes for that history.

Though new to mobile, Mandalar is 5th generation software. Its first web-based release was as "ShapeGame" in 1998. I wrote it for my daughter, who adored physical pattern blocks when she was in kindergarten. That kindergartener is now in college! And the toy I wrote for her is one of the most popular and long-used pieces of software I've ever built.

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