Basic Editing

Note: Retiring online help, in favor of improved in-game tutorials. So aside from Changes, these help files are no longer maintained.

Add / Move / Rotate Shapes

Drag shape from menu onto drawing area.

Tap to drop.

Shapes snap together at corners.

Drag to move.

Tap on shape to rotate.

Rotate button shows direction:
or or off

Delete Shapes

Drag to recycle bin.
Delete mode button, then tap on shapes to delete.
Select Move mode to end Delete mode.

Color Shapes (Paint)

New paint color.

Box under shape sets background.

Box over shape sets edge color (for everything).

Tap or drag on color samples to choose. Or, type in hex color value (RRGGBB).

Tap Paint mode button, then tap on shapes to paint.

You can paint the shape menu, too.

The paintbrush icon stays green, no matter what the paint color is.

Tap Move mode button to end Paint mode.

Note : Options | Easy mode has a simpler color picker:


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