Note: Retiring online help, in favor of improved in-game tutorials. So aside from Changes, these help files are no longer maintained.


The mobile device menu button brings up the menus.

There's also a button at top left.

Options Menu

The Options menu is a simple choice between "Easy" mode (for young children), and "Advanced" mode.

Easy mode turns off all Mandalar features that access the Internet. This includes the Share menu and most of the Help topics (these web pages). Easy mode also has a simpler color picker with fewer colors.

Easy mode is a way for parents and educators to discourage young children from accidentally wandering onto the Internet or racking up mobile data charges.

Share Menu

Note: There is no Share menu in Easy mode. Instead, use File | Save Picture, and then share from your camera roll.

Use the Share menu to show off your artwork.

Email sends a picture, using your choice of native email programs and address book.

Change: Prior to version 5.2.0, Mandalar saved an editable copy of your design to the Gallery, then sent an email with a link to the editable design. This mechanism had no way of accessing your address book, so you had to type in the email addresses. As of version 5.2.0, Mandalar only saves to the Gallery when you tell it to.

Facebook posts a picture (as a "photo" in the "Mandalar" photo album). You need to grant Mandalar permission to do this.

Twitter posts a picture to your Twitter account. On Android, this may or may not include a pre-suggested message from Mandalar, depending on which Twitter app/which platform. In any case, you can enter your own message to go with the picture.

Save to Gallery saves your design to the Gallery at Other people can see your picture, and edit their own copy of it.

Visit Gallery opens the web browser on the Gallery at

You can download Gallery designs to edit. In the Gallery, tap on a picture for a popup close-up. Then tap Edit. Or, click Zoom to see the full picture, and tap Edit from there.

SMS: There is no direct way to send SMS messages. Instead, use File | Save Picture, and then send an SMS from your camera roll. I may find a way to automate this for a future release.

File Menu

Use the File menu to save your art and manage your saved files.

Save Picture saves your design to your mobile device SD card. You can open saved pictures with your device camera roll, and email / SMS / share from there. (Android hint: Look for a file folder in your camera roll browser.)

Note that Save Picture is just a picture. If you want to save a design to edit it again, use File | Save instead.

Open brings up a list of files you saved with File | Save.

Saved designs (file icon) are XML files on the MandalarArt directory on your mobile device storage. So downloads or manual copies might be there, too.

New begins a new design. This is one way to clear your design and start over. Examples | Blank works, too.

Save saves your editable design to your mobile device storage. This an XML file. If you want to save a picture instead, use Save Picture.

Delete deletes the current open design.

Examples and Help Menus

Examples is a list of ready-made designs to load. You can use Examples | Blank (or File | New) to start a new design.

Help is a menu of help topics. Most of them require Internet access, but "About Mandalar" is readable offline.

More Help