The MathToybox site is for kid-safe sharing of artwork made with PatternBlocks, and other creative toys I've written over the years.

Ideas for the future of MathToybox include:

Because the audience for PatternBlocks is very young, and the topic is math, I hope to keep the sharing non-verbal and kid-friendly, for the pre-school to 3rd grade crowd.

My original ShapeGame - ancestor of PatternBlocks - was the first ever online software for these geometry blocks. I wrote it for my daughter in 1997, when she was in kindergarten. My first version of Calligraphy was even earlier. I'm a professional programmer, specializing in university-level science and teaching simulators, among other things. I wrote the MathToybox games for practice with new technologies. But they're very popular!

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or feedback - I'd love to hear from you!