High Scores

How to Play

The Basics

You click on the inside of a colored dot to try and delete it and its neighbors. To delete, there must be a group of 3 or more neighboring dots. The more dots, the higher the score.

Click between dots to swap neighbors - to get more neighbors together before deleting them.

The game ends when the hex dots reach the bar at the top of the screen.

You automatically go up a level after a certain time. The first levels are easy. As you level up, the dots scroll faster and there are more colors.

On bonus levels, the number of colors goes down instead of up, and you cannot lose. But the board starts very full, and the level ends early if you hit the bar at the top. Bonus levels don't last as long as normal levels.

Higher levels have new twists. You'll be warned of some of those changes on the score area.

Most of the rule variations are self-explanatory. For some, a picture may help:

  • Note: The free web version of the game ends at level 6. Higher levels include more colors, bomb triagonal, flatten, join colors, and color change hexes. Additional features of the installed game include a working Pause button, resizing the game (to full screen if desired), offline play, row advance, and level advance. Skipping uplevel is limited to 6 levels, and turned off at level 15, to keep the score board fair.


The larger the dot group, the higher the score. The higher the level, the higher the score for the same dot group. To get a high score, swap dots to make groups bigger than 3.

The base score is 6 for a group of three. The number of dots past two is raised to the 2.5 power and added to 5. That score is multiplied by a level factor of 2 times the number of levels past 1. So, for example:

Level 1
Level 5
3 6 48
7 61 488
11 248 1984
15 615 4920

Bombs (bomb color and bomb triagonal) use a different scoring system - 3 times the number of dots, times the same level multiplier used above. There are no bombs on level 1 (rare on level 5), but for comparison with the chart above:

Group of
Level 1
Level 5
3 9 72
7 21 168
11 33 264
15 45 360

High Scores

You need to click the "OK" button on the user name dialog before the "Play Again" button will work.

The "OK" button saves your current score locally, and also to the web score board, to show your rank vs. other players. Please note, no other information is stored on the web. You don't need to give a unique name - the software remembers which "Player" is you.

If web scores are available (basically, if the web server is answering), the right side of the screen shows your latest score's position of the day/week/month/ever. Arrows at the bottom of this right hand list scroll between scoreboard periods.

The different color dots just highlight a few special scores.

My current score
My prior score
Other player this past hour
Other player, older score


Roughly in order of probability:

  • Vortex/flatten special hex.
  • Challenge (puzzle) levels.
  • AI opponent.
  • Web opponent.

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